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Euro Mortise Lock - Latch Lock (Passage Lock)

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Dimensions in accordance with DIN 18251
11.7mm projection reversible latchbolt
Suitable for commerical or residential passage door that do not required to be locked.

Outside/Inside Handle retracts the latch

1. ER-7220-60-LATCH -Lock Body 
SS304 Mortise Lock 72*60mm,  
SS Latch,  
Passage Function  

2. ER-7220-55-LATCH -Lock Body 
SS201 Mortise Lock 72*55mm,    
Brass Latch,  
Passage Function   

Design for EN12209:2003
No.Part No.DescriptionDesign for EN12209:2003
1ER-7210-60Mortise Sashlock3X810G3BC20
2ER-7220-60Mortise Latch3X810G-B020
3ER-7230-60Mortise Deadlock3X810G3BC00
4ER-7250-60Mortise Nightlatch3X810G-B020
5ER-7210-55Mortise Sashlock3S710G3BC20
6ER-7220-55Mortise Latch3S710G-B020
7ER-7230-55Mortise Deadlock3S710G3BC00
8ER-7250-55Mortise Nightlatch3S710G-B020

MOQ: 200sets
FOB Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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